Eurasian Integration Yearbook 2009: An annual publication of the Eurasian Development Bank

The Eurasian Development Bank is an international financial institution established to promote economic growth and integration processes in Eurasia. The Bank was founded by the intergovernmental agreement signed in January 2006 by the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. In December 2008, The Council of the Eurasian Development Bank approved the entrance of Armenia, Belarus and Tajikistan to the Bank. In April 2009 Armenia has completed all the admission procedures and became the third full member of the Bank. The Agreement on Establishing the Eurasian Development Bank has come into force for Belarus and Tajikistan. Both countries are
in the process of finalising the required admission procedures. The Kyrgyz Republic is in the process of obtaining the inter-ministerial clearance on issues related to joining the EDB. Electric power, water and energy, transportation infrastructure and high-tech and  innovative industries are the key areas for Bank’s financing activity. As part of its mission the Bank carries out extensive research and analysis of contemporary development issues and trends in the region, with particular focus on Eurasian integration. The Bank also hosts regular conferences and round tables
addressing various aspects of integration. In 2008, the Bank launched an annual EDB Eurasian Integration Yearbook (in English) and quarterly Journal of Eurasian Economic Integration (in Russian). Both publications are available online at The Bank’s Strategy and Research Department publishes detailed Industry and Country Analytical Reports and plans to undertake a number of research projects. Developing the EDB System of Indicators of Eurasian Integration Index is the first project in the pipeline.

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